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Build your expertise

It's no secret that pharma companies are looking to build up their own knowledge, skills and services internally. A few already have well-established teams.

If you're preparing to put together your own in-house unit, we can save you the time, hassle and the mistakes. It's easy to put a foot wrong with medical writing, so let us help you get it right from the off.


So, you’d like to build a medical writing department. Starting from scratch is never easy. Having the right people to lead the team, with the right skills and with the right mentality is the first challenge. We can help you map your team structure and provide the tools, assets and guidance you’ll need to set you up for success. We can build you core competencies and job specs for the roles to ensure you start off on the right foot, and implement review and quality control processes so the work you produce will shine.

Training and mentoring

This new team aren’t going to train themselves, so you’ll need to be ready to upskill any junior writers pretty sharpish. We offer bespoke training and mentoring programmes, whatever level your writers are coming in at. From training them how to work with other writers, reviewers, designers and account managers, to interpreting code compliance, to creating reference packs. If it falls within the areas of promotional/creative, med affairs/med ed or technical/publications, we can get your team’s engine firing.

Talent selection

If you’d like us to help you find and hire medical writers on your behalf, then all you’ve got to do is ask. We can find, filter, select and place standout junior writers into your team. Our strong brand awareness and giant network provides the platform to reach the right people. We know what great medical writers look like, so we can help you pick up the best science grads, post-PhDs and medical folk looking for a career change. We have a vast global network that reaches across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

Mighty feedback
from a bespoke
course for a top 5
pharma company

The learning objectives were perfectly tailored to the needs of a medical writer. The knowledge of different writing platforms, writing styles and audiences was a valuable addition to the skillset and tools provided.
I am a course hoarder, but have never been satisfied to this level with a course from A to Z. I was 100% satisfied with all aspects.
The trainers were everything! Caroline reminded me of my favourite high school teachers, the ones that truly cared about your learning. All sessions were exciting, interesting and engaging!
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