Tasty training for writing teams

Monster-level training for your medical writing team

The demand for skilled medical writers is greater than ever. Our bespoke training and mentoring programs are meticulously crafted to ensure your writing team evolves into a powerhouse of creativity, compliance, and collaboration.
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Team training is hard

In today's pharma world, everything's changing fast! The rise of digital has led to a surging demand for all sorts of content, like apps, websites, and online courses. This shift encompasses all facets of medical writing – from regulatory and clinical to scientific publications. With all these changes afoot, the demand for skilled medical writers is set to soar.

But here's the thing: across the industry, there's a common challenge we all face – finding the time and resources to give our junior hires the training they truly deserve. With mounting pressure to meet deadlines, the desire to foster and grow our medical writing teams sometimes gets lost in
the shuffle.

We can help

Enter Monster Academy, your partner for helping raise the bar in medical writing excellence. We offer bespoke training and mentoring programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of your medical writing team, regardless of their expertise level. Whether your writers are entering the field or seeking advanced skills, we've got you covered.

All courses are led by qualified instructors and industry experts, with 100% positive feedback, industry recognised by a leading agency and top 5 pharma company. With 100+ years of combined medical writing experience at our fingertips, we can help you provide the training, mentoring and guidance you’ll need to supercharge your writing team.

Invest in the future of your medical writing team with Monster Academy. Let's unlock their potential, grow their capabilities, and chart a course to excellence together. Welcome to a new era of elevated expertise in
medical writing!
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Your team’s journey to excellence starts here

Save the time, hassle, and mistakes while building your medical writing unit. Let Monster Academy set your team up for success.

Attract and retain top talent

Through continuous learning, we’ll help you create a culture that keeps your team motivated for the long haul.

Build a cohesive and efficient team

Our training encourages collaboration, preparing
your crew for seamless integration within your
wider organisation.

Stay ahead of industry trends

We’ll keep your writing team at the forefront of the pharmaceutical landscape, equipping them with the latest knowledge and skills.

Who's it for?

  • Medical communications agencies who want to upskill their medical writing teams
  • Pharmaceutical companies looking to develop their in-house writing capabilities

What's included?

  • Live, interactive seminars
  • Writing tasks inspired by real briefs
  • Weekly peer-to-peer feedback sessions
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And that’s not all. From proofing checklists to core competency documents, we’ll work with you to create a range of roarsome resources for all your team’s ongoing training and development needs.

Course overview

Our programs encompass a spectrum of essential skills – from effective collaboration with writers, reviewers, designers, and account managers, to navigating code compliance and crafting comprehensive reference packs.

Access a training and mentoring program, fully based on your company’s therapeutic areas and your writers’ needs, led by expert lecturers and proficient mentors with 100+ years combined experience in medical writing.

Medical Writing Fundamentals I

Medical Writing Fundamentals II

Medical Writing Advanced

I really enjoyed the course and feel much more confident about my work after it. Thank you to Caroline and the Word Monster team for providing the sessions and the feedback of our work!
I feel like the sessions exceeded my expectations, as they allowed me to practice all the skills and tasks I will need for my job. I learnt a lot of new skills and got the opportunity to present science in a creative way. The feedback sessions were extremely helpful to see what I'd perhaps missed and what others were doing well!
I was exposed to a wide variety of content that a medical writer may have to work on, and I now feel more prepared to tackle these areas should I have to work on them.

Ready to work with us?

We’re chomping at the bit to work with you to develop focused training fully based on your company’s therapeutic areas and your writers’ needs. Come and see how we can help you grow your team.
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Discover upcoming courses to share with your friends, bolt-on modules including writing for search, AI for medical writers, breaking into regulatory writing and mastering market access. Become the medical writer you're meant to be!
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