E-ssentials of medical writing

Monster-level training to fit around your schedule

Looking to enter the incredible industry that is medical communications? Want to build your writing skills? And need to do it all flexibly? You've come to the right place.

This four-module introductory e-learning programme is for aspiring medical writers with big appetites, packed with bite-sized training content to help you succeed in your career as a medical writer.
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Supercharge your career with flexible training

Say goodbye to dull textbooks and hello to a learning experience that's more fun than a barrel of monsters!

Unrivalled expertise

Our Monster Academy tutors condense over a century of wisdom into bite-sized, snackable training sessions.

Own your learning experience

Pick your courses and ride the flexible learning rollercoaster at your own pace. Let the adventure begin!

Buckle up for success

Our e-modules are like interactive treasure hunts, filled with mind-bending challenges to help you focus.

Ready to learn with us?

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the industry or expanding on your existing experience, these e-modules are designed to give you a head start in your career.

Feelin' mega hungry? Purchase all four modules as a bundle and get a 10% discount

Who are they for?

  • Science graduates or career changers looking to land their first role as a medical writer
  • Early-stage medical writers who want to build their career

What's included?

  • Pre-recorded expert instructor videos
  • Writing tasks based on real agency briefs
  • Knowledge checkpoints throughout the modules
  • Final multiple-choice assessments
  • Printable module summaries
Wanna be the first to hear about future course updates?

Discover upcoming courses to share with your friends, bolt-on modules including writing for search, AI for medical writers, breaking into regulatory writing and mastering market access. Become the medical writer you're meant to be!
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