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Unleash your medical writing potential with top-tier training tailored to all career stages. Whether you're looking to fast-track your career or seeking to upskill your team, we have your training needs covered.
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The PM society and Word Monster are collaborating to raise the bar for high-quality medical writing training across med comms.

We are committed to nurturing talent and ensuring that, as an industry, we provide exceptional content to healthcare professionals and patients. 

We are very proud that access to the Monster Academy's training programmes will be a key focus of this collaboration.

Monster-level training for medical writers

Our cutting-edge CPD-certified medical writing courses and e-learning modules are built by experienced medical writers with over 100 years of combined know-how. Our training is fully-remote, flexible and industry-recognised. 

We train individuals
to build careers

Our live courses and e‑modules teach tangible skills that’ll help you not only open the door to your first role, but tear it off the hinges.

We upskill teams to
empower writers

We support top-tier agencies and pharma with medical writing training, covering everything needed to grow and succeed.

We run workshops
to boost skills

Sign up for one-day workshops packed with activities, actionable advice, and writing tasks based on real‑world briefs
The course material was very well presented and engaging, it is obvious that a great deal of planning and thought has gone into it.

Thank you for a great introduction to medical writing, the course has been amazing!
The trainers were everything and truly cared about your learning! Caroline reminded me of my favourite high school teachers, those that made you feel safe to think, share, and express yourself. All sessions were exciting, interesting, and engaging!
It was clear that the trainers had previous education knowledge and extensive experience, they showed their own examples or did the tasks together with the participants in real time. 

Clear, concise, compelling, compliant, complete.
I feel more confident now that I have the skills and knowledge to do a great job as a medical writer, and with your great tips along the way, I can hopefully now get my foot in the door to this exciting career.
As a complete new comer to the medical writing world, the course was informative without being too complex or simplistic.
There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the course and I learnt a lot this way from my own questions and from the questions of my colleagues. The tutorials with Caroline were also extremely helpful!

Master the essentials of medical writing with our new e‑learning programme

Whether you're looking to enter the medical communications industry or build on your existing writing skills, these bite-sized training modules will have something for you.

Wanna be the first to hear about future course updates?

Discover upcoming courses to share with your friends, bolt-on modules including writing for search, AI for medical writers, breaking into regulatory writing and mastering market access. Become the medical writer you're meant to be!
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