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Inside every medical writer lies incredible power. Our mission is to unleash and nurture medical writing potential through top-tier training at every career stage. We're raising the bar and leading positive change across the med comms industry.

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Our cutting-edge training, mentoring and consultancy programmes are built by experienced writers with over 100 years of combined medical writing know-how. They’ve been crafted for individuals looking to break into the industry, agencies looking to find and develop writers and pharma companies seeking to build their own internal medical writing departments.

We work with individuals
to build careers

The fact you’re here is impressive. Heck, just knowing what medical writing means is an accomplishment. Landing your first role is tough – we know, we lived it too. That’s why our programmes teach tangible agency skills that’ll help you not only open the door, but tear it off the hinges. If you’re a science graduate, still recovering from a PhD, or in a medical‑related field seeking a career change, we’ve got you.

We work with agencies
to build teams

“It’s so hard to find great medical writers”. Sound familiar? If you’re struggling for the time to spare a single thought around how to go about fixing that, then let us sort it. We can find, filter, select and train up your juniors. Our custom-made programmes are built around your needs and there’s loads of ways we can help. Come and see how we can help you grow your team, so you can focus on your clients.

We work with pharma to build expertise

It’s difficult to build a team alone, especially when medical writing is so nuanced and specialist. We help top-tier pharma companies harness medical writing expertise through consulting to map team structures, choosing the right people with the right skills, and training and mentoring them along the way. We can provide all the tools you’ll need from core competencies to style guides.

Our next Medical Writing Fundamentals Course starts on 16/01/24:

Check those smiles

Our spring and summer courses are now complete. We smashed it, with 10 out of 10 feedback across the board (one bespoke version for a top 5 pharma company). Mighty medical writing monsters have now been released back into the wild. They blew our socks off and we see only greatness in their futures.
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The course material was very well presented and engaging, it is obvious that a great deal of planning and thought has gone into it.

Thank you for a great introduction to medical writing, the course has been amazing!
The trainers were everything and truly cared about your learning! Caroline reminded me of my favourite high school teachers, those that made you feel safe to think, share, and express yourself. All sessions were exciting, interesting, and engaging!
It was clear that the trainers had previous education knowledge and extensive experience, they showed their own examples or did the tasks together with the participants in real time. 

Clear, concise, compelling, compliant, complete.
I feel more confident now that I have the skills and knowledge to do a great job as a medical writer, and with your great tips along the way, I can hopefully now get my foot in the door to this exciting career.
As a complete new comer to the medical writing world, the course was informative without being too complex or simplistic.
There were plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the course and I learnt a lot this way from my own questions and from the questions of my colleagues. The tutorials with Caroline were also extremely helpful!

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