Med Comms Magic

Master the Principles of Medical Communications

Interested in a deep dive into the world of medical communications? In this course, you will learn what non-promotional medical communications is all about and what to bear in mind when creating materials.

You will explore projects you might take on as a medical writer, including key opinion leader videos, advisory board meetings, scientific communication platforms and e-learning modules. 
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Course overview

Learning outcomes
  • Understand the purpose of medical communications and its role within the pharmaceutical industry
  • Recall the role of medical writers in the medical communications setting
  • Discuss the types of documents produced for non-promotional medical communications, including format, their adaptation and target audiences
  • Describe the process to plan and create advisory board meeting reports, scientific platforms and e-learning modules
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Who's it for?
This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn more about medical writing, whether they are a new graduate or coming to the industry from another career.
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What's included?
  • Pre-recorded expert instructor videos
  • Writing tasks based on real agency briefs
  • Knowledge checkpoints throughout the module
  • A final multiple-choice assessment
  • A printable module summary and workbook
  • Certification upon completion

Course content

Introduction to medical communications in the pharmaceutical industry

Learn how to tailor your content to fit its purpose, audience, tone and format

Medical communications materials

Get an insight into the variety of materials you might create as a medical writer

Introduction to statistics for medical writers

Understand more about clinical research, with an insight into the role of statistics in research

Writing task

Put your knowledge into practice, with a writing task designed to test your skills

Meet your course leader

Dr Caroline Bradley

Caroline is a Principal Medical Writer with a vast background including a post-doc in industry, lecturing, teaching and med comms. She fuses expertise in medical writing and teaching to head up the Monster Academy, while empowering medical writers to foster a growth mindset.
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Our team

The Monster Academy team are expert medical writers with more than 100 years combined experience in the field. Whether its clinical studies, promotional tools or patient support materials, they've seen it all and they're ready to share their tips with you!

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