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The global medical writing market is set to double by 2030. There isn't even enough medical writing resource to go around today, where everyone's fighting over hiring the same talent. This short-term thinking can only plug so many holes.

Despite there being an abundance of talent actively trying to burst into our industry, there's too few entry-level roles. Agencies don't have time to find, train and mentor people.

That ends now.
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Talent finding

We have long arms. Our well-known, fondly-loved brands and exceptionally large network with universities gives us the platform to reach thousands upon thousands of talented medical writing wannabes. We can find, filter, select and place standout junior writers into your team. We can’t give you the full recipe for our secret sauce, but we’d be happy to tell you more about some of the ingredients. Our most recent associate medical writer graduate programme job ad had over 300 applicants. We’re attracting the best and brightest.

Training and mentoring

Associate medical writers are like babies. They love new shiny things, are ridiculously hungry for knowledge and they need time to learn how to swim in the fast-flowing waters of agency life. We can be your wing-parent. Using 2D and VR environments to enhance virtual learning experiences, we’ll train them, mentor them and shape them into fully-fledged medical writers. We offer group medical writing training and mentoring for new and existing hires, bespoke disease area training and senior review services to ease your burden. 


It’s not easy to build a well-oiled team. It requires vigorous maintenance. We offer a range of medical writing team lubricants including career-stage core competencies, job specs and style guides. Any tools your team need to work efficiently, we can supply. We can guide you on remote-working best practices, from collaboration to culture, drawing inspiration from what’s netted us 9 Great Place To Work® and Flexa® awards. And if you want to optimise your own brand, website and socials to help you stand out, let us know.

Fearsome feedback
from some of our
agency partners

Let me get this straight! You're saying you're able to train up all of the juniors that we hire in? Where do I sign?
Our team needed urgent upskilling in vaccines when Covid hit. The vaccine and immunology therapy area training you did was a lifesaver. So much knowledge made so easy to understand.
I am ridiculously interested in having you help us bolster our team. Can you train the people that you find for us in large groups!?
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